Megaliitti 1995-1996

1996 I graduated as a Master of fine art (MFA) and my final exam was a monument to the infinity.

I had the opportunity to collaborate with the municipal of Ylämaa, in the south east part of Finland. There is a strong concentration of the Baltic brown and Baltic green granite and also the gemstone spectrolite in the region of Ylämaa.
The municipal asked me to make a monument with the Baltic brown granite. I had free hands to make my final exam, both from the municipal and the university. I was attracted to the thought of infinity as of the prehistorical megalithic monuments in Europe.
I had the Baltic brown granite, Terijoensalava (Salix fragilis ‘Bullata’) a tree that is native in Ylämaa and the technical resources of the municipal:

Megaliitti was a result of this constellation.

The “Megaliitti” monument consists of eight stones of which each stone weights about 10000 kg and a Salix fragilis ‘Bullata’ – Crack Willow in the middle of these protective stones. The stones rise about 2 meters from the ground and with the Willow the monument is about 3m high.


From the local newspaper (Finnish)



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