Without wind 2011

2011 I made two installations at the annual cultural manifesto “KulturNatta” in the city of Mölndal.

2011 I was asked to participate in the annual “kulturunatta” Cultural night in the town of Mölndal. I was given two places or spaces to work with and also to exhibit in.

The area for the whole cultural night is a old industrial area. There used to be a mill and different kind of factories,  and there is still a lively rapid going trough the area.

My second installation at the same time was further down the rapid called Götafors. I placed 12 oars along the side of the pond where the water runs slowly trough the old industrial area. Like our seek for the impossible mission..

I called it “without wind” like title in the old traditional Scandinavian song.

The last picture is showing the dangerous installation of the oars.


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