TheSinger 2012

To my grandmother, dressmaker Evi Alfredsson 1901 – 1966, whom I never met.

The picture of my grandmothers sewing-machine is taken in Finland in Turku archipelago where she was born. The sewing-machine is facing west towards Sweden by the sea.
I have mixed together the sound of my grandmothers sewing-maschine with a old finnish tango called “a small heart”. This tango was written by Valto Tynnilä and Tatu Pekkarinen and sung by Maire Ojonen from Harmony Sisters. It was recorded in 1939, the same year as my grandmother emigrated to Sweden.

Here are some pictures when TheSinger was at the indoor exhibition at Konstepidemin, Gothenburg Sweden in 2012. It was possible to listen to my mix with earphones in front of a picture of the sitespecifik work.

Here you can hear my remix.

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