The Mirror 2013

The first part inte the mirror trilogy. I made the set-design and music.

Spegeln was a collaboration between me and choreographer Eva Ingemarsson with whom I worked before. Only this time I had the opportunity to make the set-design as well as music/sound together with composer Niklas Rydén. This was a challenge beyond my expectations. First of all was my task to divide the stage at Atalante into three rooms and a corridor in between. The public was to enter each of these three room in a specific order. The play consisted of three separate parallel happenings in each of the room. You could hear something from the room next to yours but you only saw what was going on in your room. Then you shifted room and everything started all over again, three times per evening.

Here you can see images from from wooden model to building the actual rooms using aluminum pipes.


To compose music to a space that is open above and where the sound is traveling all over the place is a challenging task. This mean that everything that is being heard simultaneously has to be part of the same composition. Three individual compositions has to merge in to one giant room experience. The only thing that various each of the three times is the focus you experience which is different in every room.

at the bottom you can see and hear one of the three rooms.

Click to see video at Vimeo

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