Mirror in the mirror 2017

Mirror was the third and final part of the mirror trilogy. It is a independant sequel to The Mirror – Kairos (2013) and Zerkalo (2015).
This time I was responsible for the set- and sound design.

The mirror theme continues in Mirror in the Mirror, focusing on flashbacks and encounters with the past. The stage is composed of 16 big mirrors, aluminum pipes and bridges/paths for the audience. The aluminium pipes are a reminder of the two first parts of the trilogy.
The audience wanders around in a great labyrinth among disseminated mirror lakes where the dancers are connected to their life lines. An inwards look and a retrospective that is interrupted by quick shocking awakenings. The dancer moves above her mirrored body, above herself. For a short moment, gravity looses its grip of the body and you can look down on yourself. In a short confused moment of clarity, there is an intense and merciless light.

Here is a video from the reherseal.
Click to see video at Scenarkivet (a digital archive for the independent dance/performing arts venues in Sweden)

This piece can be viewed upon as a walk. A peaceful subsistence or an uneasiness over everything that has lost its weight and now swans freely. It is a floating existence and subsistence, without fixed contours. Mirrors reflecting a world that is upside down. Images that are interpreting, scattering and ricocheting the environment.

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